Moved, Retrokill

So it’s been a busy couple of months on a completely different scale to when I previously wrote. In addition to the usual workload I have now moved house. The new place was a long time coming and it’s been absolutely worth it so far. It’s bigger, colder and much more mine than the old place was.
Unfortunately it’s also been a mission to get everything moved. There have been a few hitches in the moving process itself as well as a number of other things going on.

The biggest of these things was a trip up to JHB to Monte Casino to watch the stage production of The Sound of Music. It was an amazing trip, one of those times which will stick in my mind for any number of reasons, from the production itself to the atmosphere of the place, to the company I shared.

Beyond those things there is something else that’s been starting to take up a bit of time, although not as much as I’d like to give. A while ago I remember writing about a gaming organisation that I had joined. It’s now beginning to pick up steam and one of our teams are approachingĀ  the top of the National league and by extension the playoffs.
It’s been interesting to watch it grow and it’s going to be fun to watch the organisation continue on its journey. Unfortunately though now is the time where we start to grow our presence.
What this means is that we need people to start following us on social media, and we need sponsors and this and that and so on. For that reason I’m going to sign my posts with something akin to the signatures I used while I was writing the fallen.

Even if you just check us out, that would be great, if you follow us on our social media pages that would be better and if you have some way to sponsor us, that would be amazingly appreciated.