Surprise, News, Giveaway

Sitting here in the dying hours of the night, before the morning starts to take me towards my day at work, my blog still being here is a pleasant surprise. For whatever reason I believe that it would have been taken down. I don’t know why I thought that it being inactive would lead to it being deleted but there you have it.

So, onto the news. Lately my mind has been a bit of a mess, ideas swirling around aimlessly, taunting me at regular intervals but careful not to be so regular that I could potentially catch one. I’m hoping this means that the next time I sit down to write something properly (probably the beginnings of a DnD campaign) that it will come easily to me. This blog post is sort of a test run to see if I can still do what I remember doing; opening my mind and letting my fingers just create whatever they catch.

So far, it’s not going badly however it’s not going great. I’ve had to correct far too many typing errors already but I’m not entirely convinced that that’s not just because my desk is a little different from when I last did this.

Outside of my mind things have been interesting. Retrokill has provided a fairly constant source of challenges to deal with and work isn’t making things easier, my workload at the moment, while not necessarily traditionally high, has been difficult to keep up with. I don’t know whether this is as a result of the nature of what I’m having to deal with or whether it’s because of the staff changes we have gone through. It could also be because I’ve been sick over the last couple of weeks.

Whatever the reason though, I’m hoping that it starts to get easier again soon.

Back to Retrokill though, a number of us have started to get into the Arma map Antistasi. It allows us to dynamically attempt to take on the entire island of Altis as rebels. So far, it’s going alright, we’re starting to get enough weaponry that we can each pick what we want and not have to worry about running out and taking outposts and resources is becoming easier. We’re still struggling with holding territory though since our AI seems to be retarded.

On my final note for tonight, Retrokill are running a giveaway of R300 worth of steam gift cards. Head on over to to enter. Good luck 🙂


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