Slow Progress

So, for the last couple of weeks I’ve thought of any number of topics, and as per my last couple of posts I’ve been hoping to expand my freedom and write about whatever it was that came to mind.

Something that I underestimated the impact of, however, was the energy drain I’m currently dealing with. Not just the standard “work is hectic” stuff but also a whole bunch of other little things here and there.

Despite my relationship strengthening in some indefinable way and so becoming an energy source over the last couple of weeks the increased work load as well as the strange feelings of fatigue I’ve experienced outside of work have made it so I’m actually a little short of breaking even and so, although before the upturn I was already fairly low emotionally at the moment I’m feeling just generally low as well and lower than I was before.

It’s not all terrible though. I have found that I’m somehow making time for more things that I’ve wanted to for so long. I’m getting more and more into my gaming which is another energy source, I’m eating better (i.e, I’m actually eating food I make rather than pre-made things) and I’ve also started a physical training regimen which I’m hoping will help with my currently ailing stamina.

Speaking of training, I’ve managed to work on my discipline with my Ju Jutsu and have been going even when there are no students. It means that there’s a lot of demotivational moments because I feel like I’ve failed every time there is an empty class but on the other hand the fact that I’m there anyway is something that I’m happy to have achieved.

I haven’t yet managed to get around to actual writing which is something that I would like to get back to, but that will come I’m sure. At some point I’m going to find the time to actually look at what I’ve done so far and continue some of the stories I’ve got lurking around, maybe even the vampire one that I started on here earlier.

Finally I’m looking at getting into a couple of semi-management roles in the near future, mostly it’ll just be helping look after and administrate a Teamspeak server and potentially a website as well but it could grow into a little more than that since the clan that the servers belong to is working on getting into the competitive scene.

Hopefully they do well there 🙂


If anyone is interested in joining us on Teamspeak, the server is at



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