Time passes

A week ago I sat here in front of my computer, wordpress open and a post ready in my mind. And then I closed it all up and forgot about it.
Now a week later I’ve been to Cape Town for the first time in my memory, flown again for the first time in many years and met my girlfriend’s father.
And that’s just the big things.

So, where to begin. I’ll start with Cape Town. While I was there we stayed at the Inn at Castle Hill in Kalk Bay. It was an amazing experience just from that point of view. The room was amazing, the people were friendly and in general it could not have been a better place to stay.

We breakfasted at Chartfield each morning which was once upon a time owned by my girlfriend’s family. From there we would head out on our day, doing nothing very much when we look back. But that’s what made it brilliant for us.
We explored the little shops along main street, eating at a few of the restaurants along the way and just generally trying new things in doing so.
On the other hand we also spent a lot of time just relaxing with our books with the view of the ocean over the balustrade of the balcony.

We also visited Simon’s Town Naval Museum and looked at the warships moored in the harbour. It was wonderful to walk through and see the exhibits and we both chuckled at our choice of activity considering ‘the penguins’ were only a half hour or so walk further along. (Neither of us felt the chance of penguins was better than seeing the naval museum.)

Beyond that I obviously met my girlfriend’s dad, who I found an interesting character with an amazing amount of energy and guilt, and a friend of her’s who she practically grew up with. We went over for dinner at their place and had a pleasant meal followed by a movie. All in all, both of my direct meetings as well as the secondary one (my girlfriend’s friend’s boyfriend 😛 ) were great to meet.


And now back home. Work was exceptionally busy (which I expected) with tomorrow promising to be the same. My car has been swapped out and I now have a Ford Figo instead. I might be working the weekend as well so it promises to be a long first week back no matter what.

But on the other hand I’ve made a new start on the game that I’ve been wanting to redesign for the past year or so. As I create that I might start putting snippets of it up here as well.


Oh, and one more thing. I wrote a short story a little while back. I’m still trying to decide whether to post it or not. Hopefully I make a decision in the next couple of weeks 🙂


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