Right now I’m here because I promised myself I would be. I didn’t have anything to write about, I didn’t have some flash of inspiration. All that happened was I traded with myself and this is what I traded for.

But that doesn’t mean I’m forcing myself to be here.

I’ve wanted to write on here again for a while, but every time I’ve geared myself up or gotten an idea for a topic, it either floats away before I can get to my computer, or otherwise life throws a rock at me that shatters whatever I hold.

I’ll write about two things tonight though.

The first is habitica. I’ve spoken about it before, the app that helps make checklists more interesting. Unfortunately I’ve stopped using it, the reason being that the app is unstable on the network connections I have available and this makes it impossible to actually get anything done without spending five minutes fighting with the app to actually accept that things are done.

The second is shadow of war.

Now, the previous game I absolutely adored. I played it through to 100% twice. Most games I don’t even get that far once so you can understand how I felt about that game.

Dropping myself into number 2 I had heard good things. An expansion on the parts that I enjoyed about the first one as well as the addition of an RPG style loot system and skill tree.

What I’ve found however is rather disappointing. The expansion of the nemesis system was wonderful, it’s a lot of fun to hunt down orcs and figure out how to beat them by interrogating worms and so on.

The second two additions however are actually a negative for me. The RPG equipment addition is no more than an inconvenience. You get new equipment, equip it, complete the side objective for it and level it up. This sounds great in theory. In practice you end up trying to achieve the same pointless side objectives for a small couple of points of extra whatever the weapon gives.

The skill tree is even worse. Things that I took for granted in the first game have been made mutually exclusive to other things that I took for granted. One example is the ability to dominate orcs. In the first game you could dominate an orc as well as gain ‘elf-shot’ (spirit arrows) at the same time.

Now, these are two separate upgrades to the skill of which you can only choose one.

In mid battle this becomes highly frustrating.

Those issues are things that I found that are different from the first game that I don’t particularly like, but the game is meant to be different and I can accept that, and I’m sure I will get used to it and enjoy it once I’ve grinded away for a few more hours.

I can even accept the frustratingly inaccurate aiming of the non-aimed skills (draining and dominating often decides to pick a random orc in the background rather than the broken captain right in front of me and free running is annoying to say the least)

What I won’t likely get over though is the bug that I’ve been experiencing. At random times, often at the worst possible times, my game freezes, displays a random menu screen from half an hour before, then unfreezes a good second or two beyond where it froze. When you’re mid battle this means being hit at least once while you can’t even see what’s going on.

All in all I see myself playing a little bit more, but I believe that I’m probably not going to finish this game as easily as its predecessor.


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