So it’s been over a month since my last post and unfortunately the reason for that is not a great one. I’ve been through two very different crashes over the last month, one physical, one emotional/mental.

I’ll start with the physical one as it’s the far more minor. On Tuesday this week I was rear-ended in traffic. The impact left me dazed and confused for a moment before I realised what had actually happened. Physically my neck was a little stiff for a couple of days but beyond that I seem to be fine.
The car however might not be. With the value of the damage so far I believe there is a chance that it’ll be written off. It’s a fairly sombre thought since I’ve grown quite attached to it.
And yet now because of someone’s inattentiveness it may be about to disappear out of my life.
On the subject of the other person, she was fine however I’m pretty sure her car was not. She was unable to find any gears and the entire front of her car was flattened.

And now onto the other type of crash…

Depression is something that has been a fairly regular part of my life. It’s something that I’m lucky enough not to have to deal with all the time, however on the other hand it does happen often enough that I sometimes wonder if I should actually see someone about it.
At the moment I’m going through a fairly bad bout of it. I’ve been unable to actually do anything I’m supposed to be doing for a long while. What that means is that my flat is a mess, I can’t face many of the people who I should have no problems with and worst is even the people I can face I feel like I shouldn’t.
The reason for that last is because a lot of the people who I care about suffer from their own problems, and a lot of them have actually given up dealing with their problems.
This leads to outbursts of negativity that actually drag me down further into the depths of my own depression. I sit here and try my absolute best to keep everyone up and when people give up even trying it makes me feel like I should just give up and not do anything at all any more. Abandon everyone and everything and just whither away to nothing.
I’ve spoken to most of the people who were affecting me, and they have responded well. They apologised for what they had been saying and truly considered me and what that’s meant is today for the first time in almost a month I’m feeling more like myself.
Anyway… That’s enough of that.

“I wondered if you would be able to actually awake this time.” The voice continues. “After all, you’ve stirred three times since we took you down.” He sniggers at this revelation and she realises what it means. She’s been asleep for far longer than she should have been.
“How long?” she croaks, her voice broken from the long sleep.
“Forty years darling.” he says joyfully. “Forty years you’ve been out of my way. The world is a wonderfully different place now.”
A new voice cuts in in a whisper and the man falls silent for a while after the whispering stops. When he speaks again she can hear the frustration in his voice.
“I would love to continue this chat however duty calls.” he says bitterly. “Out of respect to who you used to be, I’m leaving you with an assistant. She will help orient you with this new world. After all, being a Prince is no fun if there’s no one to hate you.” he laughs loudly as he leaves. She continues to lie in her sarcophagus for the longest time before finally rising and staring at the young girl standing next to the mausoleum door.
Her head swam but she forced a smile.
“Hi.” she managed before she blacked out once more.


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