New Project?

So, in amongst everything else going on at the moment, (new part time job, new challenges, new goals) I mentioned a potentially new story that was floating around my mind. Tonight I actually wrote the first part of it. It’s a very short section but here it is anyway.


A woman entombed in stone slowly wakes up. She tries to move but finds her body restricted by something cold and heavy. A moment of claustrophobia takes her before memory begins to return.
She’s a vampire.
It takes her a moment to process this revelation, a moment that seems to drag out with images of… something.
As that thing takes shape she realises that she’s been asleep for a long time, in a state that vampires call Torpor. She remembers being beaten by a small faction who opposed her.
She remembers they opposed her because she was the Prince of the city.
Rage sends a pulse through her and she pushes up against the stone entombing her. It resists for a moment but then lifts just the slightest amount. She manages to push it far enough to the side to be able to see and feel the cold air on her face.
Again she pushes and this time the stone lid slides off the sarcophagus and crashes to the floor. The sound echoes weirdly in the room she’s in.
“Welcome back.” A voice says, sending chills down her spine.
It’s the voice of the man who deposed her.


I don’t have a name for the story yet even though I have a vague idea of where it will go. The first few chapters will probably follow the protagonist above, but from there I think it might move to someone else. I’m looking forward to writing again.


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