Life and truth

Truth can be a funny thing. It can lead to so much trauma and yet at the same time the best things can come from it as well. There are so many times where I have regretted telling the truth and yet I still live by it. All thanks to someone who hurt me terribly.

And there it is. An experience that hurt me so badly built me in a way that has now given me the strength to enjoy something I never would have believed possible.

Tonight has been a rollercoaster mentally and emotionally, I spiraled hard and was caught by the unlikeliest of people, someone who I’ve valued for a long time.

I miss people who I know miss me too. We talk but it’s not the same, there are complications that make everything difficult. But there again, such is life. It throws challenges our way, issues that need to be dealt with, roadblocks that are unassailable. Distance becomes impossible to overcome and distance isn’t just how far apart two things are.

The last couple of days has seen me re-united with someone, and has seen me possibly lose someone else. I’ve been given a new appreciation of what I have, and I’ve been shown what I’ve had and how much it meant to me. How much it still means to me.
I need to figure out how to let go, and how to move on, two things I’ve never been good at.

But that will come and when it does I’ll achieve stability like never before. For now though, I have people that are helping me, people who truly want to help, no matter what. And that makes the world far better.

I never want to lose people, it always sucks and not just for me. That’s why I always try and keep that from happening but sometimes the aforementioned distance causes truly irreparable damage.

Things are changing, life is moving, the world turns as it should. I will always try to keep those I care about close, even if it hurts me, because if I can make the world a better place, even in my own small way, then that is worth it.


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