Late? And chapter eight.

So once again this post is technically late. The reason for it this time is a little different to the last though. This time the post is late because I thought I had already done it. I uploaded the story a couple of days ago and a couple of people have already read it.

And so my mind filled in the blank.

Since it’s been such a short time since my last post and since most of what’s happened has been basically reinforcing other recent posts this will remain a short one with nothing but the links in it. I hope you’re enjoying the story.

One more thing, it’s been difficult to write two chapters in a month. My mind rebelled against it and especially once I realised that the previous chapter was shorter than usual due to my smaller screen but I think if I can keep it up I’ll be able to get to a point where I can actually write something from start to finish in a decent amount of time.

The links below are for the story.

Chapter Eight:

PDF, Kindle, ePub

The full link:

PDF, Kindle, ePub

And as before, my email address is on the about page if you’d like to donate to me.


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