One of my big challenges with this blog is that many of the things I face day to day are the same things that I would usually write about. While this might suggest that it should be easy to write due to the huge amount that there is to write about, I hate repetition and so I struggle along, trying to remember what I’ve written before and trying to avoid repeating myself.

Luckily this week hasn’t been as dead as it could have been outside of those ‘usual’ things. I’ve managed to get myself writing far more regularly in the Fallen, averaging a section a day (there are normally about ten in a chapter) since Wednesday. Although this doesn’t sound like much if I manage to create a habit that maintains this schedule it will make my target of two chapters a month that much easier to maintain.

I also had an interesting idea for another character in the story, and a potential answer to one of the questions that had come up in my mind when I was writing it. But that will only come either at the end of this arch (an arch is about three chapters) and even then I can not say for sure since a lot could change in three chapters.

Back in the real world, I’m organising a beautiful gaming machine for someone, hoping to order it tomorrow and have it by the end of the week. With an i5-6500, 16GB of RAM and a 6GB GeForce 1060 card it’s going to be a wonderful machine, and on top of that I’ll likely get to use it often since the person I’m organising it for only has one game that they’d like to play – Obduction by Cyan Worlds.

I also have a very interesting new friend, someone who I’ve known for ages but never really have been able to completely loosen up around. We discovered in a fairly awkward exchange that the reasons we had been so up tight around each other were in fact the same on both side, the worry that the other person isn’t really interested but maintained contact because they had to.

Needless to say that the removal of those limits on the conversation have led to someone new to discover.

And finally yesterday was an amazing day. A group of us went out to the Lion’s River Craft Brewery and had an absolute blast. I’m not by nature a beer drinker, I can not stand the stuff, at least so I thought. The beers that we tasted and then ordered and drank yeserday were amazing. They are carbonated by yeast activation rather than by pumping CO2 through them and so they aren’t really fizzy.

Without the fizz of a standard beer I could actually taste what I was drinking and with the explanations of how everything was made, where the various ingredients came from and so on it made the experience a lot of fun.

Anyway, enough for now 🙂 Time to return to life 😛


Oh, and go have some fun – Get Jinxed


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