Chapter six, Bigotry and pessimism

The world is based around complaints and negatives. You go out and randomly select ten news websites and they’ll be reporting on something terrible that’s happened, or is happening, or it’ll be an opinion piece complaining about something that has gotten the author’s attention.

Even out in the world the people I’ve been listening to lately are all complaining about this and that and how things are going to pot. Everyone is bracing for something terrible to happen. (Grand generalisation I know)

Here in South Africa we hear of the student protests, our government destroying the country both inside and out and rampant racism.

And yet every day I see the strength of people. Little moments that show that everyone is living their lives to the best of their ability and will help whoever they can. Today I watched a man stall at a robot. The people in the turning lane, the last car in that lane, got out and helped him push start his car, as did a beggar from the other side of the street.

The man was black, as was the beggar, the people from the car were white but none of them cared. The man was grateful for the help, the people from the car and the beggar glad to give it and life carried on and was that little bit better. In that moment, all involved were merely people and nothing more, not categorised in any way.

Yes, sure, I pointed out their differences here but that’s only to emphasise my own point. People are becoming less aware of the boxes that they are traditionally placed in so quickly.

Who knows, maybe the fairly deathly looking situation that’s out of our control is forcing everyone to realise that fighting between each other isn’t worth it. We’re all in this together and it’s time the change came.

On to the story, as always the links are below. I’m hoping to increase the frequency of both my blog posts as well as the release of my story chapters. I’m hoping to put those up twice a month, while the blog posts I’m hoping to write about once a week. I’m still figuring out the details of both those things, the day I’m going to be posting on and the date for the chapters. Thoughts would be welcome 🙂

Chapter Six:

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