As we go through life, facing the challenges that come our way, we encounter moment when the answer seems so easy.

And yet for one reason or another we shy away from those easy answers. When those easy answers then get backup up by other things in your life, random moments in tv series that refer to the exact subject you’re worrying about for example, you start to wonder whether you should just go with the easy answer.

But for me I’ve always doubted those easy answers, put them down, rationalised them away. Often I’ll look back at it afterwards and curse myself for being a fool but in the moment the stakes always feel too high.

What do you do then? Do you start to take those risks? I don’t worry about their effects on me so much as the effect on other people. Many of the decisions I face involve changing lives in ways that I don’t always think would be beneficial for anyone. But then again, that’s one of the things I tell myself in my rationalisation.

Every now and again I want to take a chance, to plunge myself so deep into the moment that I can no longer see the future or the past. So far, I’ve always stopped myself but it might not be long before I do it. On that day I imagine my world will change, for good or for bad, forever.


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