Chapter four, reunion and catastrophe

So, first up chapter four. This chapter is the first one that I’ve managed to actually complete before my self-imposed deadline, which is actually pretty impressive when you consider that at the beginning of this project I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make a single month, let alone three more after that.

As usual the links are at the bottom of the page. In addition to the usual ones there is a link that will always be to the latest edition (rather than the labelled chapter one.)

This chapter is also the first one that happens post fall as such so new characters are going to start coming into the world, and things will hopefully begin to crystallize into whatever patterns they feel like taking.


The friend that I spoke about in the previous post, the one I hadn’t heard from in forever, she actually replied to my email and we’ve been chatting again. It really has been a lot of fun and lifted me the last of the way out of the spiral I’d so recently managed to stop.

She’s doing well and so many changes have happened in her life that it’s actually made me feel like my own has been pretty stable in comparison.


And now for the most recent development. The friend that I talk about most often on this blog called me tonight. I can’t say that I expected the call however at the same time I was expecting it to come.

I worry a little that it wasn’t actually the call that I was expecting, and that maybe this is more about me having inadvertently manipulated a situation. With my family being what it is, we’re all pretty good at controlling people. It’s led to some interesting situations in a household where we end up doing things that we really didn’t expect and then figure out later why.

Hopefully this isn’t one of those situations.


Anyway, as usual, the links follow below.

PDF, Kindle, ePub

The full link:

PDF, Kindle, ePub

And as before, my email address is on the about page if you’d like to donate to me.


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