Where am I? And Chapter 3.

So this week has been an odd one, with many things happening and spinning out and finally something good happening that almost managed to make me forget about all the things that I’ve been struggling with of late.

The difficulty writing the chapter of the project which I’ll be posting today has been something that’s sat on my mind for the latter half of the month. It’s bugged me often and many times without any sort of warning that it’s about to pop into my mind again. Having it finally complete is a great feeling.

One thing that I think may have been causing my semi-writer’s block was the fact that I had set out the section titles which ended up making me freak out when I had to write those sections because I couldn’t figure out anything that would actually fit the title.

Once I removed all the titles and the semi-set sections the writing came far easier. I know that it’s probably messy as anything and potentially broken as far as the flow is concerned but at least I managed to get it out. And since one of the ideas of this project is to get help correcting those moments of disjointedness which I have never been able to I’m not too fussed about that side.

Back to the title and the first paragraph though, I’ve spent most of the weekend gaming with friends which has been brilliant since it’s been seriously cold. The only not so good thing that happened though is that moisture got under my phone case’s screen which meant I had to try and remove it. In the process I ended up breaking that case and so now my phone is very naked 😛

Anyway, before I ramble on about something else completely random, below are the usual links for the story. As ever, please feel free to comment on it with corrections or suggestions.

PDF, Kindle, ePub

And as before, my email address is on the about page if you’d like to donate to me.


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