Chapter 2 and other developments

So I managed to write the second section of the story, the beginning of the actual body as such and the introduction for how the world will become. I will post it the same way as last time at the bottom.

In the meantime, my life got complicated fast. The crush that I wanted to take somewhere in the previous post went nowhere, or rather, she blew me off again. I can understand why but at some point you realise you’re bashing your head against a wall and you stop… So I stopped.

It’s a difficult decision due to the fact that I still find her really interesting and I really am curious as to what a relationship with her might end up being like. But again, to pursue it anymore might actually cross into the realms of creepy obsessive.

In the meantime I met someone else a while ago. They were nice, intelligent, pretty… And engaged. So I stayed away from anything even vaguely resembling anything there. She’s the sort of person who not only could I feel that she would not do anything outside of her relationship, but she’s also the sort of person who can demand respect for their decisions.

At the beginning of this month (so far as I understand) she broke off her engagement. We ended up at the same place at the same time, things sparked and developed into more and we’re now trying to figure out if things would work together. As I’m not religious and in fact am fairly vocal opposition to many of the core tenets of her faith, there could be a problem moving forward.

That being said, she’s pretty open-minded to what I have to say and vice versa.

Anyway, short one today since really I came here to post the chapter. Please remember, this is a work in progress and I would love feedback, from telling me I misspelled a word somewhere to letting me know that a section does not flow nicely. This second chapter wasn’t easy to write and I feel I need feedback on it so comment away and I look forward to posting the next section that I’ve written next month.

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And as before, my email address is on the about page if you’d like to donate to me.

Thanks 🙂


PS: Would you guys prefer I post the entire up to date story everytime or just what’s new?


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