Soon after my last post I began my story. It progressed well, getting through the first chapter as quickly as I had hoped. The story feels right and so far, the couple of people who have read it enjoyed it. I will be attaching it to this post… Somehow. Once I figure out how 😛

So far as Paypal is concerned I had varying levels of success with them. From my first message being completely missed (I did send it in the middle of the night on a weekend, sure, but I then later got a survey on my level of satisfaction -_-), to the last one which had a succinct and accurate answer to my query. Subsequently I have now been able to create a ‘Pay Now’ Button. Not ideal, since the amounts attached to it are fixed and I honestly don’t know whether I should add more options or what, but on that note I’ll wait for feedback on whoever uses the button. I don’t particularly want to give out my email address, hence the need for it.

EDIT: Which ended up being useless since WordPress blocks Paypal buttons and the steps they list on how to fix it don’t work anymore…

On to life though, I’ve made my decisions, and I’m pushing myself to stick to them, to hopefully stop myself from doubting that they’re the right ones and throw myself at them with reckless abandon. Currently, with the way things have been, they can almost only get better.

I finished a project that I had been working on for a couple of months, that project is related to the ‘crush’ that I spoke of last time that I want to work out. Along with that, we bumped into each other today (More accurately, she spotted me and skidded into me :P) It was difficult, as always with her, for me not to be completely awkward and uncertain of myself but I didn’t walk away cursing myself. Instead I had this silly little smile that stuck with me for a fair amount of the day.

I had a situation over the weekend that pushed my mind almost to its limits. I had to deal with a fight that had been brewing for almost nine weeks now (not my fight). I walked in in the middle of one of the escalations and then got pulled into it, at which point I pushed back at both sides and eventually got everything to the point where not only was the escalation resolved, apparently the two slight escalations since then ended up with both parties in better places than they’ve been able to get to for months because they didn’t let it all explode, instead defusing the situation the moment it began to show.

Anyway, enough rambling. First edition of first chapter is attached, and hopefully somewhere along the sides of the side you’ll see a Paypal button (if you’re reading on the site rather than through the wordpress reader I imagine.)

EDIT: Paypal buttons don’t work on WordPress so my email address is on the about page.

Oh, and, one of my test readers suggested I add a trigger warning. One of the characters is abused in the story.

epub, mobi and PDF formats are available.


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