It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks. With a couple of public holidays thrown into the mix it’s made the normal work days seem insufficient for everything that needs to be done.

I thought about it logically though and really, it shouldn’t have. The way my work week normally goes I only generally have four days of solid work and one day to mop up the week.

Anyhow, that is in fact a digression (right off the bat, no less), as a result of these compressed weeks I have not really been able to do much when I get home. I end up passing out most days from sheer mental exhaustion (I work as an all round IT Technician). Normally my mind shuts down at this point and when I wake up, often hours after my alarm (which has a maths sum set on it before it will switch off) has already gone off.

Today, exactly that happened again but I head a dream. The dream itself feels pointless but one thing that was said in the dream really stuck with me. The world I was in seemed fairly futuristic with most everything feeling much higher than what I’m used to. At one point I met the man responsible for this whole floating mess and he explained to me how he’d done it. Or rather, he gave me a cryptic one liner which I then had to figure out for myself.

He said, “I discovered Newton”.

My response… somehow, not entirely sure how, was “Oh, not how it works but why?”

Which I’m pretty sure was referring to the discovery of the graviton particles. Which haven’t been discovered apparently yet, just theorized.

This idea behind the world was, what if once this particle is discovered, and then people figure out how to turn it off. If there was a way to turn off those particles, and then turn them back on, it would allow for travel much like flight or rather swimming through air.

Anyway, that was what I felt a strange need to get out of my head. For any physicists out there, I imagine turning off the particles would be a case of stopping their spin but then again, I say that like it’s simple but I’m not a physicist so I wouldn’t know any better 😛

((And as another ignorant aside: what if one attempted to de-spin a mass of particles by 2 and then watch which massless ones stop entirely?))


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